Get Paid

Quick and Easy

Time is money!  That’s why™, thru its partners, works hard to keep cycle times low while attracting the best price for every vehicle consigned.  

A typical consignment cycle runs thirty-five days and can be repeated several times a year.  With our business model, we guarantee a share of the profit for the consignor to be a minimum of a $1,000 up to $1,500 per consigned vehicle.  Our business model requires no investment, no money down, and no fees or inventory purchase of any kind.™, thru its partners, does all of it for you.  All you have to do is qualify. 

Transferring Value to Consignment Car Buyers

With our partner's deep industry knowledge and expertise, we tailor every sales process to maximize transaction proceeds.  Consignment sales can maximize the proceeds and speed of sale for the seller.  It's also a convenient and efficient option for vehicle buyers.

Safety is a key concern in private party car sales, and consignment shops protect sellers and buyers alike. Consignment sales thru dealerships also allow you, the consignor, to share in the profits of the many products and services sold along the way.  Monetizing every product and service offering along helps maximize profits on every transaction.  

  • Vehicle Financing: Consignment stores may have the ability to arrange purchase financing for buyers.
  • Extended Warranties: Consignment stores can help buyers eliminate much of the risk of buying a used car by offering aftermarket service contracts, which provide many buyers peace of mind as they drive off the lot.
  • Shipping: Some consignment shops can ship cars directly to buyers, expanding the seller’s customer pool to shoppers nationwide.

Again, these valuable options help both sides of the transaction. In addition to the buyer benefits outlined above, warranties, financing, and shipping make sales go more smoothly and quickly and are difficult if not impossible for sellers to provide on their own.

Auto consignment offers an attractive option for vehicle owners who would like to get more money for their car than the dealer trade-in price, as the vehicle will be marketed professionally. The consignment model is pretty simple – it’s your car, but someone else sells it for you.  Auto consignment brings a level of professionalism and service that most individuals are unable to achieve on their own, maximizing the sale price.